Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Why I don't own an Apple Mac

When I need a new computer, I always do thorough research before I buy a PC. I look at alternatives from Apple as well as Windows PCs and Linux based systems. Apple Macs are never on my short lst for several practical reasons:

1. The price difference is unreasonable. Some commentators compare list prices for Dell PCs or some other name brand PC to Mac list prices. On any day, Windows PCs of all kinds will are be available at huge discounts and Mac will be stuck at list price. I expect that the laptop I buy soon will cost $ 500 or less while the less satisfactory Mac alternative would be $ 1000 or more.

2. Apple does not offer what I need. They offer no reasonably priced desktop computer with expansion slots and room for more hard drives (3.5" as well as 2.5".) I can't buy a 3 pound Mac laptop with more than one USB port.

3. Software I depend on is not available for the Mac OSX environment. The next few programs I want to use will probably be available only for Windows. In general, software choices are more limited in the Mac OSX environment.

4. Hardware I use has no Mac support.

I can get the same basic functionality from a Windows PC or a Mac and I have no trouble using Windows PCs, so I make the practical choice.

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