Thursday, April 26, 2012

Audio gear I've owned

Something that I read caused me to count up the number of audio components I've owned in the ~46 years I've been interested in audio. I try to make careful decisions and live with what I bought until it breaks or until I need more functionality and or a quantum jump in sound quality. Here is my list:

 - 4 turntables and 1 extra tonearm:
     a cheap single play Garrard,
    Thorens TD-150,
    a Sony PS-1800
    and a cheap Sony turntable to record the contents of a few LPs as computer files.

 - 3 CD players:
    dBx ? ,
   Rotel ? 855 ,
   Rotel ? 971

 - 1 dedicated MusicPC: an Intel Core 2 Duo based PC with parts I selected

 - 2 soundcards for the musicPC:
   AudioTrak Prodigy HD2,
   ESI Juli@

 - 3 DACs:
   TC Electronic BMC-2,
   Emotiva XDA-1 and
   an Audioengine W1 DAC+wireless transmitter/receiver

 - 2 FM tuners:
   Scott ? ,
   NAD ?

 - 2 integrated amps:
   Dynaco SCA35 (tubes),
   JBL SA600

 - 1 receiver:
    a Yamaha ?

 - 1 two channel power amp:
    B&K ST-140

 - 3 six channel power amps to power 3 way speakers with an active crossover:
   Kenwood ?,
   ATI 1806,
   Rotel RMB 1077

 - 4 pairs of speakers for the main listening room:
   KLH 5,
   Thiel CS2,
   Waveform Mach 17

 - A Sony WEGA provides sound for casual listening at dinner

 - 4+ pairs of speakers for mt home office:
   Boston Acoustics ?,
   Soundworks ? (powered),
   Audioengine A5s (powered)
    (I've forgotten a few home office speakers)

 Not a long list for 40+ years of music in 3 separate rooms.